About Our Business

The Sanchez Taekwondo Institute was established by Javier Sanchez and his wife Venus Chapa-Sanchez  in 2004.

In Fort Worth, Javier Sanchez began his Tae Kwon Do training under Grandmaster Park.  There he advanced to the level of Master (5th DAN) before opening the Sanchez Taekwondo Institute.

The Sanchez Taekwondo Institute first opened  in Southlake, Texas.  In March 2006 a second branch of the Sanchez Taekwondo Institute opened in Fort Worth. This branch of Sanchez Taekwondo is located North of Ridgmar Mall next door to Smoothie Factory.  In May 2009 the school moved the school to Pershing Avenue along historic Camp Bowie Boulevard.  The school was combined with Fazeke’s Fitness , a full gym facility, to provide even greater resources and opportunities of complete fitness to our students and their families. We provide a family atmosphere for students age 4 to adult. Teaching traditional and sport taekwondo to all of our students. This is Fort Worth’s premiere martial arts school with our very own AAU USA Team member teaching our classes. We are very proud to be a part of such a great community. Stop by for a 1 week FREE trial lesson and become apart of our extended family.


We seek to improve our community by actively encouraging and nurturing the achievement of a healthy mind, body, and spirit in all our practi-tioners. Tae Kwon Do can bring harmony to your entire life.

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Sanchez Taekwondo Institute

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