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2012 Texas Open TAEKWONDO Championship

Good luck to all of our competitors today at the 2012 Texas Open in Huntsville, Texas. Pictures and video to follow will be coming soon!



USAT Qualifier is March 24th get those applications in!

Don’t forget to fill out your applications for USAT Qualifier in March. The date is getting closer. Remember to update your USAT status

Last days of training

This weekend is the last weekend of training before AAU and USAT nationals. Sparring class is 11:00am tomorrow, see you there!

Halloween Party

Come one come all, to the 2010 Sanchez Taekwondo Halloween Party/ Lock-in!!! Costume is optional, fun is required!! More detail available at the school.


Hey guys, come by to see the taekwondo school and gym remodeled. It looks great! We have worked hard this year and all of our hard work has paid off.

Saturday Sparring

Remember that sparring class is at 11am tomorrow. We are preparing for the GSX Texas Throwdown so you guys come ready to scrap!!! Everyone needs to get their applications in asap.

Team training

Team training tonight, bring your “A” game. Remember, you play like you practice!!! So train hard!

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