Taekwondo Testing Requirements



Tae Kwon Do Terminology

Testing Requirements:

White Belt to Orange Belt

Orange Belt to Yellow Belt

Yellow Belt to Green Tip Belt

Green Tip Belt to Green Belt

Green Belt to Blue Tip Belt

Blue Tip Belt to Blue Belt

Blue Belt to Red Tip Belt

Red Tip Belt to Red Belt

Red Belt to Black Tip Belt

Black Tip Belt to Bo-Dan

First Dan to Second Dan

Study Guides:

First Dan Study Guide

Guide to Kee-Bon Forms

Ahn-nyong ha-shim-nee-ka?

Gahm sa ham-nee-dal!

Jo Kyo Neem

Kyo Sa Neem

Seon-Im Kyo Sa Neem

Sa Bum Neem

Sa Bum Neem

Kwan Chang Neem

Do-chang: martial arts school

do-bock: martial arts uniform

kook-yee: flag

kee-hop: power yell

How do you do?

Thank you very much!

assistant instructor

(1st degree black belt)


(2nd degree black belt)

senior instructor

(3rd degree black belt)

chief instructor

(4th degree black belt)


(5th-7th degree black belt)


(8th – 10th degree black belt)

poom-se: form or pattern

gyo-ruh-kee: fighting

mook-nyum: meditate


cha-ryot: attention

choon-bee: ready

due-ro: turn around

kal-yeo: break

kyong-ye: bow

bah-roh: return to ready

shee-oh: at ease

kae-sok: continue

ahn-jeo: sit down

bah-kuo: switch

shee-jak: begin

gu-mahn: stop


ha-na: one

dool: two

set: three

net: four

da-sut: five

yeo-sut: six

il-gop: seven

yo-dorp: eight

ah-hop: nine

yol: ten

yol-ha-na: eleven

yol-dool: twelve

yol-set: thirteen

yol-net: fourteen

yol-da-sut: fifteen

yol-yeo-sut: sixteen

yol-il-gop: seventeen

yol-yo-dorp: eighteen

yol-ah-hop: nineteen

soo-mool: twenty

ill: first

yea: second

sam: third

sah: fourth

oh: fifth

yook: sixth

chil: seventh

pahl: eighth

koo: ninth

ship: tenth


choon-bee seo-kee: ready stance

ahp gup hee-kee: front stance

gyorugi seo-kee: fighting stance

bahl cha-kee seo-kee: kicking stance

twid gup hee-kee: back stance

joo-choom seo-kee: horseback stance


ahp cha-kee

dol-ryo cha-kee

yop cha-kee

twee-ro yop cha-kee

hyeo-chun cha-kee

kuhl-ro ahp cha-kee

kuhl-ro dol-ryo cha-kee

kuhl-ro yop cha-kee

twee-myo ahp cha-kee

twee-myo dol-ryo cha-kee

twee-myo yop cha-kee

twee-myo twee-ro yop cha-kee

twee-myo hyeo-chun cha-kee

e-dan ahp cha-kee

e-dan dol-rya cha-kee

e-dan yop cha-kee

e-dan twee-ro yop cha-kee

front snap kick

roundhouse kick

side thrust kick

turning back side kick

spin kick

sliding snap kick

sliding roundhouse kick

sliding side kick

jumping snap kick

jumping roundhouse kick

jumping side kick

jumping turning back side kick

jumping spin kick

flying snap kick

flying roundhouse kick

flying side kick

flying turning back side kick


ah-rae mak-kee

mom-tong ahn mak-kee

mom-tong bah-ku-ro mak-kee

eol-koal mak-kee

son-nal ah-rae mak-kee

son-nal eal-kool mak-kee

low block

outside-to-inside middle block

inside-to-outside middle block

high block

knife-hand low block

knife-hand high block


mom-tang jee-ruh-kee

eol-kool jee-ruh-kee

son-nal ahn-hu-ro chi-kee

son-nal bah-ku-ro chi-kee

chang kwon jee-ruh-kee

son-kuhi chee-ruh-kee

pahl-keup jee-ruh-kee

middle punch

high punch

outside-to-inside knife-hand strike

inside-to-outside knife-hand strike

palm heel attack

spear-hand thrust

elbow attack


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