The Joy of a Fit Life

As a fitness professional, I get a lot of interesting questions each day regarding dieting and exercise.  What I have come to realize is that  people don’t know what they truly want or what they are capable of achieving from their fitness program.

My reply is always the same, I simply ask them the forbidden question: “What’s your goal?”

Then comes the “puzzled” look followed by the “I can’t say it out loud!” look, (as if I asked them a secret question that they are not allowed to share). I patiently wait for their response because this time lapse lets me know how much energy and focus they are willing to invest in themselves.

Next, comes a generic answer: “about 10lbs would put me a size smaller and that would give me the incentive to do more! Right?”

I respond, “If you were 10lbs lighter but your body still looked the…

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The Joy of a Fit Life

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